Two Stacks Cask Strength Irish Whiskey 750ml
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Two Stacks Cask Strength Irish Whiskey


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Category Irish Whiskey
Origin Ireland
Brand Two Stacks
Alcohol/vol 65%
Proof 130.00
Adopting the same complex blend that gives Two Stacks - its distinct character; The Blenders Cut - Cask Strength showcases its true identity. Allowing each component to be rested in hand selected casks, imparting a refined flavor and finish. This limited and specially blended whiskey is given the time and patience required for that delicate balance. A perfect marriage of nature & nurture; a whiskey to be enjoyed neat & never rushed. Tasting Notes: Straight from the cask bottled at 65% rich in heavy oils and pot still spice, a true cask strength whiskey to be savored neat or with a drop of still water.

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