Sogno di Sorrento Lemoncello 750ml
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Sogno di Sorrento Lemoncello


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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Origin Italy
Brand Sogno di Sorrento
Alcohol/vol 30%
Proof 60.00
Sogno di Sorrento Lemoncello, is created from the peel of the finest hand-selected Amalfi Coast lemons, a local species of large, subtly flavored lemons that grow along the hill terraces overlooking the sparkling, sunlit Mediterranean Sea. Maurizio and his sons personally oversee and select only the finest sun-ripened lemons to ensure quality and flavor in the production of Sogno di Sorrento. Normal climate conditions along the Amalfi allow lemon groves to produce four harvests per year. Fresh lemon peels are infused in stainless steel tanks four to ten days depending on the season of the harvest with natural spirits, then blended with sugar and distilled water to create this all natural lemon liqueur. An average of ten lemons are used in the production of a single bottle of Sogno di Sorrento Lemoncello. Crema Lemoncello is the natural marriage of rich, fresh Italian cream and Sogno di Sorrento Lemoncello.

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