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Ballantine Ale XXX Ale 6 pack 16 oz. Can
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Ballantine Ale XXX Ale

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6 pack 16 oz. Can
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Category Ale
Origin United States, Wisconsin
Brand Ballantine Ale
Alcohol/vol 4.85%
Ballantine Ale seeks out those looking for a heartier beer with pronounced hop flavor and higher alcohol content. Ale in nature, Ballantine touts an elevated alcohol level of 3.80% by weight and 4.85% by volume, all for the purpose of accommodating its hefty bitterness and aromatic hop character. "Dry-hopped" with the Cascade hop variety, Ballantine sports pronounced hop flavor and heavier mouth feel. Fermented at higher temperatures for that 'ale' likeness, Ballantine combines a lager's best attributes with the smoothness of an ale.
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  • ba72

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