Bog Iron Brewing Burly Blonde Ale 4 pack 16 oz. Can
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Bog Iron Brewing Burly Blonde Ale

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4 pack 16 oz. Can


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Category Blonde Ale
Origin United States, Massachusetts
Brand Bog Iron Brewing
Alcohol/vol 7.5%
Burly Blonde isn't your typical blonde ale. Most breweries make a blonde ale as an entry-level or gateway beer for folks just breaking into craft beer. We took a slightly different approach and brewed a blonde ale with a rather aggressive 7.5% ABV that has a mild malty/grainy flavor with a little bitterness to balance it out and slight hop flavor. While this beer is super approachable and works well as a transition beer it is also popular among craft beer drinkers. Just be careful, at 7.5% this isn't your typical lawnmower beer and Burly Blonde is directly responsible for 3 babies.. that we're aware of. This beer pairs perfectly with grilling. Standing out by the grill, chatting with friends, and waiting for the burgers to be done. That's Burly Blonde time.
Beer Advocate
  • ba86

The Big Burly Blonde is a very lightly-hopped and lightly-colored blonde ale with hints of of floral and citrus hop flavors. This is a very refreshing, easy-to-drink beer but be careful, at 7.5%, this isn't a 'lawnmower beer.'

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